When I closed my eyes, and saw you, I wanted you to hold me..
Then I woke up and forgot everything.

The time that I forgot you, I saw you coming,
I want to say hi, but I couldn’t..
And I don’t know why I couldn’t say that…
Then some day, I wasn’t happy anymore..
You came to me, and held me in your arms…
I felt your warmth through my sweater..
I cried. You asked me why..
Then it was the time to say it, but I didn’t..
You brought me home, and then you came as always..
The one day you said to me that you love me.. `
That you fell in love with me at the first time you saw me..
I love you too, but couldn’t say it..
Till the day had come that I was gone crazy to tell you how much I love you..
That I loved you since the day I saw you…
You came in my dreams, everywhere I go I saw only you in front of me..
So I wish that you stay with me.. forever.. please stay with me…….

MiZz babyAngel


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