One look

One look
that one glimpse

My heart
My crazy heart
has started to beat
for someone else

My heart
I have lost it on the first sight

You only
Only you
can give
my heart peace

Life without you
is walking as a blind
No colours
No fragrances
all without you

Why is this happening to me
I am hating myself
and starting to love you
. Even my shadow is
walking behind you

Have you ever felt
one second
like the way
I feel about you sweetheart

My heart is skipping a beat
I have got a lot of friends
but my heart beats
only faster
whenever I see you

I want to tell you
that I like you
that you are the one
and I am for you.

Rojapuu Krishnan

  1. Reply
    februari 28, 2007 om 10:13 pm

    Pffffffff wat een slecht gedicht .. spijt me zeer.

  2. Reply
    maart 1, 2007 om 1:36 am
    oefening baart kids

    haha.. tja indiaman moet nog meer oefenen..

  3. Reply
    juni 6, 2007 om 3:11 pm
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