Mach-1 Expands Reach Among OEMs in India

“We operate as sales agent and also provide technical service support for Mach-1 machinery in India,” said Jayesh A. Bansode exhibiting at the Indian bicycle show CFOSE 2019 which took place last month. He is based at Pune in the Western Indian state of Maharashtra. As Mach-1 agent he is also planning to open a demo location right in Ludhiana, the heart of the country’s bicycle industry.

Customized machinery

“We are in contact with a number of OEMs and hope to have first installations ready in 2019. Hopefully we can come to an agreement soon”, he said. “Mach-1 offers a range of premium flexible customized machinery, which could be upgraded based on feedback from customers. It has recently developed a tubeless tire machinery.”

Commenting on opportunities in the Indian bicycle market, Jayesh stated, “India certainly offers opportunities to grow in the mid to high end categories. Also Indian OEMs invest in automation. The high level of precision offered by these machines can never be achieved with manual production.”

No tooling required

Mach-1 launched its multipurpose lacing machine LTS at Eurobike 2018 in Friedrichshafen. The first ones were sold to La Ruota, one of the largest wheel builders in Italy. The machine accommodates 12 to 29 inch wheels, up to 80 mm deep, without tooling or special adjustment. According to Mach-1 it has a capacity of 60 wheels per hour. La Ruota can assemble 500 wheels in an eight hours shift. It takes two minutes for change over and does not require any tooling.



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