Indian Industry Delegation Visits CONEBI and Portugal Bike Value

The delegation also attended yesterday’s Transport and Tourism Committee meeting at the European Parliament. Later this week the six delegates will travel to Portugal to visit the bicycle companies in the Bike Valley, like Miranda, Triangles Rodi. The tour will be concluded in Fulda, Germany meeting Erhard Büchel, CONEBI President and CEO of Büchel GmbH & Co.

United Nations Industrial Development Organization

The European tour has been organized by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization who is currently implementing an extensive inclusive and sustainable program for India’s bicycle industry.

India’s bicycle industry organization recently joined the World Bicycle Industry Association (WBIA) after attending the WBIA General Assembly which was held last July. WBIA was founded in December 2017 and represents the Bicycle, Pedal-Assist E-Bike and Parts & Accessories Industry on global levels. They participate in the World Forum for the Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations, organised by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe. WBIA also takes part in several Working Parties on General Safety Provisions, Passive Safety, Lighting and Light-Signaling, Autonomous and Connected Vehicles.

Next to AICMA, other WBIA Members are the Japan Bicycle Association, The Bicycle Product Suppliers Association from the United States, the Mexican Association of Bicycle Manufactures, Taiwan Bicycle Association and the Confederation of the European Bicycle Industry.



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