If he only knew

If he only knew
What I knew but couldn’t say
If he could just see
The part of me that I hid away

If I could just hold him in my arms again
and just say I love you..

But he’s gone away
Maybe he’d stay
If he only knew
If he could just feel
What I feel here in my heart..

He’d know it was real
Pure and True right from the start
But I’m just a girl
Who didn’t understand
What he was going true..

If he could just see
what I see when I close my eyes
All That I dream
surely he would realize
But like a fool I waited much too long
to let him know the truth..

He’s gone away. 
Maybe he’d stay
If he only knew
And how, how did I let him get away
‘Cause I guess that love
Love is so easy to feel
but the hardest thing to say

If he only knew…


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